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Problem-1 : I downloaded the application but exe does not open !
Solution : 
  • Step:1 | Please check if you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2017 installed on your computer. 
  • Step:2 | If these applications are not installed, please download the system requirements from the download section from the system utilities section. (Click Here)

Problem-2 : I downloaded the application but how do I create a member registration?
Solution : 
  • Step:1 | Please open the thegame v2020.exe application you downloaded.
  • Step:2 | Select the language option you want to use in the application. Click the create a new account button. 
  • Step:3 | Fill in your information and login to the application by accepting the site rules

Problem-3 : I forgot my user information, where can I find it?
Solution :
  • Step:1 | If you remember your e-mail address, you can retrieve your password again by clicking the I forgot password button on the login screen of the application you downloaded.
  • Step:2 | If you have forgotten both your username and your email address, please click here to contact the administrator team.

If you are experiencing any other problems than these issues, please contact the manager team by clicking here !

TheGame Administrator Team

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