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Dear TG User,

  • The THEGAME v2020 application you are using is designed in accordance with the microsoft interface.If you installed the application on an operating system other than windows, the application will not work.We are developing this application to work on all operating systems and you will be able to run it on all operating systems in a very short time. Now that it can be run on windows, you have to install the necessary system files in order to run this application.This application needs windows .NET frameworks.You can download all the necessary files from the download tab for the application to work efficiently.

  • The THEGAME homepage and hosting of the v2020 application databases are coded in accordance with PHP encoding, and are designed for all computer monitors. If you experience any resolution problem on the computer you are using, please check the resolution settings of your computer's web browser. (Decrease or Increase)

  • You can help us improve the app by reporting the design and coding errors you see on the THEGAME website or v2020 app.

Thank you very much for joining us, take care of yourself!

TheGame Administrator Team
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